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Jan 2022
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Working in high-tech companies


Who among us would not want to earn a decent living? Make a monthly amount that can really give his family a high standard, comfortable life? If you are also undecided on this matter, it is clear why working in the high-tech industry may be of your interest. But here comes the question: how do you find a good job in this field?


Working in high-tech companies, is it possible to start without any experience?


There is no doubt that one of the first questions that go through the mind of anyone who dreams of working in high-tech, is whether it is possible to work in this field even without experience. Does that sound familiar? 

It is good to know, that there are a variety of high-tech jobs that do not require experience, and it is quite possible that there are some possibilities for you as well. 

Although there is a number of high-tech jobs where knowledge, experience, and a diploma are a must, it is not always the case. 


If you are ready to take on a challenge, and discover whether working in high-tech suits you at all, you may as well give it a try. 

If all you want is to see whether working in high-tech companies is a good fit for you, why not do it? 

You can find high-tech jobs without any previous experience in the field, try applying today, and challenge your abilities. 

What will affect the amount of salary you will receive?


It is clear that if you are thinking about working in high-tech companies, part of what is significant for you is the question of how much you will receive at the end of each month. Your salary will vary depending on several circumstances:


  • Which high-tech company will you work for
  • How many years of experience do you have
  • What role will you actually perform

That's why it's obvious why some people make more money than others, even if they're within the same field in hi-tech companies.


How do you find a job in this field?


One of the best, fastest and most convenient ways to find various jobs in high-tech companies today is to contact a staffing or placement company. This way there is someone who does the initial filtering for you and so you can find your dream job much more easily. 

EXPOINT is a great example of a company with which you can find good work in a fascinating and sought-after field such as high-tech. 

Sign up, and be surprised how quickly you can integrate into one of the most sought-after industries in Israel and around the world today.


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