All Jobs By US States

Following Table and Graph shows the top states in the United states with the number of open positions in Expoint.
In the Top you can find California, second place Texas and third New York.
When you are looking for your next job position you need to consider the number of tech jobs in the states and city which influence the salary you can achieve (The more open jobs there are, the more competition over good employees) and the ability to move to another position in the same state after several years.

In addition, the table has a breakdown:

  1. Per state city where you can find how many jobs we have in the city that you live or that are close to you, which cities might be worth finding your next position
  2. Per Job Titles which can give insight which job titles are high in demand and in which city
State Job Count State citiesState job titles
California 5662 California cities California job titles
Texas 2686 Texas cities Texas job titles
New York 1855 New York cities New York job titles
Washington 1412 Washington cities Washington job titles
Virginia 1261 Virginia cities Virginia job titles
Florida 855 Florida cities Florida job titles
New Jersey 734 New Jersey cities New Jersey job titles
Ohio 719 Ohio cities Ohio job titles
Illinois 702 Illinois cities Illinois job titles
North Carolina 558 North Carolina cities North Carolina job titles
Georgia 545 Georgia cities Georgia job titles
Oregon 453 Oregon cities Oregon job titles
Michigan 408 Michigan cities Michigan job titles
Delaware 400 Delaware cities Delaware job titles
Massachusetts 386 Massachusetts cities Massachusetts job titles
Arizona 350 Arizona cities Arizona job titles
Pennsylvania 346 Pennsylvania cities Pennsylvania job titles
Minnesota 256 Minnesota cities Minnesota job titles
Colorado 254 Colorado cities Colorado job titles
Utah 207 Utah cities Utah job titles
Indiana 187 Indiana cities Indiana job titles
Maryland 180 Maryland cities Maryland job titles
Tennessee 159 Tennessee cities Tennessee job titles
Missouri 150 Missouri cities Missouri job titles
Kentucky 129 Kentucky cities Kentucky job titles
New Mexico 99 New Mexico cities New Mexico job titles
South Carolina 96 South Carolina cities South Carolina job titles
Alabama 93 Alabama cities Alabama job titles
Wisconsin 91 Wisconsin cities Wisconsin job titles
Iowa 63 Iowa cities Iowa job titles
Louisiana 56 Louisiana cities Louisiana job titles
Maine 49 Maine cities Maine job titles
Nebraska 47 Nebraska cities Nebraska job titles
New Hampshire 37 New Hampshire cities New Hampshire job titles
Oklahoma 33 Oklahoma cities Oklahoma job titles
Idaho 24 Idaho cities Idaho job titles

The following graph shows the number of open jobs trends over time per state.
Check if the economic situation and the tech market has been improved or downgraded over time and take your decisions accordingly.