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Nov 2021
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List of top trending tech jobs worldwide 2021

10 Trending tech jobs 2021, make the right career choice

Not happy with your current job? Or feel undervalued in your position? Perhaps thinking of relocating back home, working from home, or simply looking for a change? Many people have felt the same in the past year, and here is why.

The pandemic has affected humanity in a way no event did in modern history. Some people lost work, lost homes, their loved ones, moved, changed careers, and many had to change their lifestyle 180 degrees.The main issue for working professionals was a change of work and its conditions. And while most of the industries have suffered significant changes and losses, not all were as miserable. Let’s take a look at the brighter side.

It is incredible to think how much things have changed in a span of a year. Companies had to quickly adapt, evolve and improve to cope with the crisis. The main attribute to success was technological improvement. From big enterprises to smaller businesses, things went 99% digital and that of course required quick and effective changes to have the capacity in order to compete with the “new normal”. From online shopping to virtual reality experiences and other aspects.

More and more technologies have emerged due to the pandemic and the need to accommodate the needs of customers to stay afloat and go forward. Needless to say, the demand for professionals in the fields of AI, AR, Software and data development, Big Data, Cloud management, and Data engineering has skyrocketed. Thousands of jobs have been created, with many startups and already developed companies looking for professionals with experience or those willing to learn.

Here are the 10 most wanted tech careers of 2021

1.    Data Scientist
2.    Artificial Intelligence Engineer
3.    Information Security Analyst
4.    DevOps Engineer
5.    Data Analyst
6.    Database administrator
7.    Software Engineer
8.    Big Data Engineer
9.    Cloud Architect
10.  Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect
Data Scientist
Average annual salary: $100,560
There is a growing demand for highly skilled data scientists, mainly due to the fact that the role in question requires an extensive list of combined skills.
Despite being a programming export, a successful data scientist will be equipped with excellent knowledge of statistics and be a great leader and communicator. Which let’s face it- is an unusual combo.
So what does a data scientist do?
The main task of a data scientist is to collect, organize, clean and present data to the decision-makers within companies.
Key skills: SQL, R Programming, Python coding, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Unstructured data.


Artificial intelligence Engineer (AI Engineer)
Average annual salary: $146,085
With automation coming in place all around us, the demand for AI and machine learning skilled specialists is rising with the speed of light. It is considered one of the best tech jobs for the future, with the constant growth and demand of the industry.
So what does an AI engineer do?
The main responsibility of an artificial intelligence engineer is to develop, programme and train highly complex network models of intelligence to be able to function similarly to a human brain, intuitively solve problems, and run processes.
This role requires combined expertise in software development, programming, data science and data engineering.
Key skills: Advanced knowledge of math, Computer science, programming languages Python, R, Java and coding.Physics, engineering and robotics.


Information Security Analyst
Average annual salary: $99,000
With the digital transformation and the amount of data collected every minute, there is a higher threat for cyberattacks within information systems. That’s where the security analysts come in. Their job is to ensure a safe and secure way of collecting and storing sensitive user information from being stolen and misused.
Naturally, with the amount of information produced daily, and continuously growing, the need for specialists is also increasing. Information security Analyst is considered one of the fastest-growing career opportunities.
Key skills: SIEM Management, Firewall/IDS/IPS Skills, Security Incident Handling & Response, Advanced Malware Prevention, Data Management Protection.


DevOps Engineer
Average annual salary: $112,000
Software development, maintenance and improvement is a combination of responsibilities a DevOps Engineer has. The role is a binding link in the software development life cycle, to ensure a smooth run of all stages.
DevOps is a vacancy in high demand worldwide at the moment.
Key skills:  VMware, Zabbix, Ansible/Chef/Puppet, Shell/Make/Gradle/Maven, SonarQube, Xebia, Grafana or Kibana etc).


Data Analyst
Although the job specification of Data Analysts depends on the field they are working in, there are the main responsibilities that they have, which are extracting, organizing and analysing data, by generating reports for the business’s needs. From retail, healthcare to education and governmental institutions, there is a big need for data analyst professionals, and it is only growing.
Key skills: Hadoop, SQL, SAS, R or Python–Statistical Programming, Machine Learning.


Database Administrator
Average annual salary: $90,070
Database administrators (DBAs) are specialized in software storage and organizing data. The key responsibilities include planning, installation, migration & configuration, database design, security, performance monitoring and troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery. The job is in very high demand these days and has an excellent competitive career opportunity.
Key skills: SQL, Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, SAS, Tableau.


Software Engineer
Average annual salary: $105,590
Being one of the most wanted and versatile careers in the tech industry at the moment, a software engineering job is definitely one to chase. We are surrounded by the products made by software engineers on a daily basis: on our phones, laptops, shops, hospitals etc. Practically every industry in the world is using one or the other kind of software. Needless to say, how important the job of the software engineer is. Offering a highly competitive salary, and opportunities to grow, software engineering makes it to the top list of most wanted jobs worldwide.
Key skills: Programming languages ( SQL, Html, Java, Python, C, Bash/Shell/Powershell, PHP, Amazon AWS, React, Machine Learning, Docker, Jango).


Big Data Engineer
Average annual salary: $116,591
Big data engineers are in high demand these days, as the value, they bring into a business is outstanding. However, not many have the necessary combination of skills and knowledge. The job requires a combined knowledge of programming languages, database skills, confident use of various data processing tools and excellent communication skills.
Key skills: Apache Hadoop, Python, Apache Spark, Apache Airflow, Cassandra, Amazon RedShift, Google Big Query)


Cloud Architect
Average annual salary: $150,000
Cloud computing architecture is a collection of components that include: front end and back end platforms, cloud-based delivery and network. 
The job description of a cloud architect consists of identifying technical requirements for the project, just like in regular architecture, although all things are digital and cloud-based. Cloud architects also work on finding solutions to business problems in the cloud. With over 60% of businesses worldwide moving their workload to the cloud in 2020, rest assured that cloud computing and the job of cloud architects is a promising career path.
survey forecasted that demand for data architects would intensify at the rate of 15.94% over the next few years.
Key skills: Data modelling and design, SQL, Database administration, machine learning, NoSQL databases, data mining, programming languages (python, C/C++, Java and Pearl).


IOT (Internet of Things) Solutions Architect
Average annual salary: $95,000
An IoT solutions architect is a highly skilled professional whose responsibilities include: developing practical uses and applications of internet of things technologies. Having to work hand in hand with engineers and sales departments to achieve a smooth process development.



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