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Nov 2021
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CV builder. Create a compelling resume with Expoint

How to create a successful CV

How to write a compelling, interesting CV which stands out from a hundred others? A question that each job seeker is asking themselves. A well-written CV is sometimes a ticket to a new career journey and may be life-changing. The competition in every job market is continuously growing, especially if you are aiming for any senior positions in fields like high-tech, data engineering, and development. Not only it is important to state your achievements, experience, and skills compactly, it is also important to present them well to stand a chance.
Nowadays, we are all drawn to some level of aesthetics, and it is proven that a well-written and designed resume catches way more attention of the hiring manager/employer than a plain CV with no definition, little details, and enthusiasm.


7 Steps to creating a winning CV:


  1. Appearance

    The first impression is everything even when it comes to creating a CV. Keep your resume clean, organised, and consistent. Use the same font, highlighting in bold or underlining the most important points.

  2. Customisation

    Adopt the CV to the job you are aiming it. It is very important to add only the most relevant information to the CV for any particular job. Sometimes less is more, as we know.

  3. Grammar

    There is nothing worse than an official document or letter which contains grammatical mistakes. Always double-check the spelling, perhaps ask your friends who have a good knowledge of language to help you. Your resume is your official letter to a potential employer, put that effort into it.

  4. Sequence

    Keep the information added in a relevant sequence starting with your most recent role & education first.

  5. Show your industry knowledge

    Read as many job descriptions and definitions of the roles you are applying for, to have a clear vision of what’s needed from you as an employee. Demonstrate your knowledge in the field by describing your tasks at the previous work experience, any personal projects which showcase that knowledge and skills.

  6. Highlights

    Make sure to emphasize your accomplishments rather than listing your responsibilities.

  7. Use power words

    Words like accomplished, achieved, delivered, initiated, delivered make a great impression on the reader. Use them to implement within your CV, when writing your short self-description or summary to improve the flow for the reader and to accent on certain achievements.

There are multiple softwares that can offer various options for creating a beautiful CV, called CV builders.
At Expoint, we have created an ultimate tool to help you create a well-structured CV.
Once chosen one of the CV templates, you would follow a step-by-step process, filling out the most relevant information in the right order, while keeping it well-organized and eye-appealing. You would then be able to download and save it, as well as have it stored in your CV Library.

Not only our CV builder makes it easier for you to create a beautiful CV (no need to worry about fonts, lines, formatting,  you can then use it anywhere by sending a PDF. It also gives easy access for the employer to find you by your skills and experience. There are also various tips in each section to guide you through.

Get a job of your dreams, Join Expoint - Register now.




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