Privacy Policy

Updated as of November 6, 2020

  1. Use of the site (hereinafter: the “Website”) of Sea Data Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company”), is subject to the collection, processing, and use of personal information related to the User and its activity on the Website, as set forth below in the Website’s Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the “Privacy Policy”). The Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use of the Website.
  2. Wherever the term “User” appears in this Privacy Policy, it refers to you.
  3. If the User does not agree to this Privacy Policy, he is asked to leave the Website immediately and cease any use thereof.
  4. When the User uses the Website, he agrees that the Company will collect, store, retrieve, uncover and use his personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.
  5. During use of the Website, the Website may ask the User to provide personal information for the purpose of improving the service, contacting the User, identifying the User, providing the possibility of providing the User with services, and for any other purpose as set forth in the Privacy Policy.
  6. The Website collects from the User and stores the following personal information (hereinafter: the “Personal Information”):
    1. Information that the User will share with the Website when registering for the Website, including full name, address, email address, telephone number, and any additional information that the User saves in his profile on the Website.
    2. All of the information that the User will include in his resume and that is shared by the User with the Website when registering for the service that allows for sending resumes to employers, including information about his education, skills, attributes, experience, age, gender, family status, professional training and any other Personal Information that the User decides to include in his resume as stated.
    3. Personal Information that the User decides to share with the Website during use of the Website. Such as: Personal Information and data that the User will be asked to provide when requesting access to positions on the Website, email and other Personal Information that the User will send to the Website when contacting the Website for technical support or for any other reason, and so on.
    4. Information from third parties – The User may register for the Website by way of social media accounts, such as Facebook or Google. Insofar as the User chooses to connect to his account on the Website through his social media account, the Website will receive information about the account on social media, such as the profile name, profile picture, work place, description of the position, contact information, and any other information in the User’s social media account.
  7. The User is not required to provide the Company with Personal Information; however, without providing Personal Information, the User will not be able to receive the services offered by the Website in their full scope and quality. Additionally, the User confirms that he is exclusively responsible for all of the information appearing in his resume, and the Company and/or any party on its behalf will not bear any responsibility, directly or indirectly, due to any of the details that the User chooses to include in his resume.
  8. The User declares and confirms that he is aware that in the event that he decides to provide Personal Information to the Company, this will constitute consent on his part to the storage of the Personal Information by the Company and use thereof in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The User’s consent regarding the storage and use of the Personal Information by the Company will apply regarding any personal information that the User decides to provide to the Website, regardless of its nature, and in any manner in which the User provides it, including but not limited to forms and questionnaires located on the Website and in which the User is asked to respond to questions while exposing Personal Information, the resume of the User that will be provided thereby to the Website and the User’s contact to employers. It is clarified that the User’s consent to allow the Company to store and use Personal Information will also apply regarding Personal Information that the Website will send to the User following the transfer of Personal Information as stated on the part of the User.
  9. The User agrees that the Company will keep the Personal Information indefinitely, and transfer it, in whole or in part, to employers, in order to allow them to examine the candidacy of the User for the Jobs and/or offer him job offers.
  10. The User declares and confirms that he is aware that the Company will be entitled to publish his Personal Information and resume on a personal profile page that will be opened for the User on the Website, and that employers active on the Website will be exposed to these resumes and may send job offers to the User. The User can define his profile page on the Website as private or public. The User confirms that he is aware that his definition of the profile as public will expose his personal details and resume to all of the employers active on the Website, while the definition of his profile as private will expose his Personal Information and resume to employers contacted by the User in connection with positions. The Company is not and will not be responsible for how the User defines his profile.
  11. In addition and furthermore, the Company will be entitled to make use of the Personal Information for: Contacting and/or brokering between the User and employers that in the Company’s opinion might be interested in employing the User, including companies and organizations that provide human resource services or investor services to them; contacting and/or brokering between the User and businesses that the Company believes might establish business cooperations of any kind; for proactive contacting to the User by the Website or a third party with an offer for services and products; and for any of the other uses permitted in this Privacy Policy in connection with use of technical information.
  12. During the User’s use of the Website, the Website collects at its initiative technical information and browsing data about the User (hereinafter: “Technical Information”), including: the IP address and information about the User’s geographic location (city and country), the type of device being used to access the Website, the type of browser, the URL address, time and duration of use, usage history, information searched, the Jobs reviewed, the information and content reviewed, the duration of time spent reviewing the Jobs and content, from what websites the Website was accessed and what websites were accessed from the Website, what links were pressed, what forms were sent, what Jobs the User submitted resumes for, what Employers the User contacted, and any other Technical Information related to use of the Website.
  13. The Website uses tools and allows third parties to use tools that allow the collection of Technical Information about the surfing data of the User upon his use of the Website, such as cookies, collection of hits and/or any other lawful means, existing or future, as selected by the Website, allowing for the collection of Technical Information as stated and saving it (hereinafter: the “Tracking Technologies”). The Tracking Technologies collect information about the User, the device through which he accesses the Website and his online activity, for the purpose of improving the User’s browsing experience of the Website services, improving the performances of the Website’s services, analysis and adjustment of the User’s use of the Website. When the User uses the Website, the Website saves the Tracking Technologies with the information about the User. In addition, the Tracking Technologies are also saved by third parties (such as advertisers, business partners, content analytics providers). All of the Tracking Technologies might be saved either during the use of the Website or during repeat visits. The User can set on his browser his preferences in connection with the Tracking Technologies and neutralize them; However, deletion or neutralization of the Tracking Technologies will prevent the provision of the Website’s services and/or limit them.
  14. The Website uses a tool called Google Analytics in order to collect information regarding the Website services, such as frequency of User visits to the Website, the pages visited, and the websites visited before and after. The Website uses information obtained from Google Analytics to improve the service. Google Analytics collects the IP address that is received by the User on the day on which he visits the Website and plants a cookie in the User’s browser in order to identify the User in the following visit. The Company does not combine the information obtained from Google Analytics together with the Personal Information identified with the User. The User can prevent Google Analytics from recognizing his return visits to the Website by disabling the cookies in his browser.
  15. The User agrees that the Company will save the Technical Information and use it, in whole or in part, at its selection, in order to improve the services and content offered on the Website in any manner that it deems fit, including for the purpose of a personal inquiry from the Website to the User, for the purpose of the presentation of results, Jobs and specific content relevant in the Website’s opinion regarding the User, for the purpose of the adjustment of the advertisement presented to the User on the Website, for the purpose of the adjustment of the Jobs and services offered to the User on the Website, and for the purpose of any other action that might improve and streamline the browsing experience on the Website, at the Company’s discretion; and also for any other use permitted in this Privacy Policy in connection with use of Personal Information.
  16. Without detracting from the above, the Company may transfer the Personal Information and/or Technical Information of the User to third parties, in the scope determined, in each of the following cases: A court order is issued instructing the provision of such information; in the case of a legal dispute to which the Company or User is party, which creates for the Company or the User a legal need to expose information as stated; in the framework of negotiations or a transaction with a third party, which relates to a sale of the Company, its merger, investment therein and any other transaction and so on, which involves examining the Company’s value and/or the value of any of its rights or assets, and subject to the continued maintenance of this Privacy Policy.
  17. The User agrees to receive from the Company, once per day or any frequency determined by the Company at its discretion and needs, email messages that include content on matters addressed by the Website, job offers and advertising material regarding products and/or services and/or activity related to the Website. If the User does not wish to continue to receive email messages as stated, he can be removed from the distribution list by clicking the link at the bottom of every email sent, and acting in accordance with the instructions that appear.
  18. The Website is connected to the global internet and the Company takes all of the necessary measures to secure the information and prevent unauthorized intrusions. The Personal Information and Technical Information are saved at an appropriate level of security and all contact to and from the Website is encrypted. The Company makes its best efforts to prevent unauthorized intrusions into the Website and prohibited use of third parties of the information contained on the Website; however, the Company cannot ensure absolute security of the information security and therefore the Company does not undertake that the Personal Information and/or Technical Data will be absolutely immune from unauthorized access. Without derogating from the above, the Company will not be responsible for the security of the Personal Information of third parties to whom it has provided Personal Information or Technical Information with the consent of the above User.
  19. The User acknowledges that he is aware that he is entitled to review himself or by a person authorized in writing on his behalf the information that the Company keeps about him, and that he is entitled to contact the Company and request to correct incorrect information, if he would like, to update it and delete all Personal Information. It is clarified that information will not be deleted or changed with regard to documentation of the User’s actions on the Website, but no use will be made of the same information. Requests to correct or delete information must be sent using one of the following means of communication: Email Registered address to Netanya Zoran Business Centre, Hazoran 4. 3rd Floor Netanya, 4250604 P.O Box 342
  20. Users who are residents of one of the European Union countries are entitled to request from the Company, subject to the needs of the Company and the obligations applicable thereto:
    1. To receive confirmation as to whether their Personal Information has been processed and gain access to their Personal Information together with supplementary information.
    2. To receive a copy of the Personal Information that they provided directly to the Company, in a legible format.
    3. To demand the deletion of the Personal Information.
    4. To object to the processing of the Personal Information.
    5. To request limiting the processing of the Personal Information.
  21. The Website may, from time to time, update and/or amend the Privacy Policy and/or add to it new terms. If a material change is made to the Privacy Policy, the Website will provide an update regarding the same by publishing a message on the Website’s homepage. Any use of the Website after the update to the terms will be considered consent on the part of the User to the new and/or updated and/or amended terms.
  22. Use of the Website and this Privacy Policy will be subject only to the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive and sole jurisdiction for any matter arising from use of the Website and/or regarding the Website’s Privacy Policy will be only in the competent courts of Tel Aviv.