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The 10 Commandments for a Successful Career in the High- tech Industry- Even During Layoffs and Recessions days

It is tough to ignore the serious crisis that trouble the global economy, or to be specific the high- tech and technological companies in Israel and around the world. Companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have each already fired tens of thousands of workers and according to many predictions - the peak (or low) is still in front of us.

However, alongside the pessimism, it is important to remember that high- tech has been and will always be a dynamic industry, which changes rapidly and drastically, but is also an industry that holds many opportunities for advancement and development, especially for those who are looking for Student Tech jobs, Junior tech jobs, and Writing CV.

So, if you are thinking about a career in the high- tech world but are too afraid to take the first steps right now, here are some rules that will help you keep your head above water even allow you to surf the waves and stand out above anyone else
There is no doubt that the high- tech market is in crisis, large companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are laying off tens of thousands of employees each. Startup companies face difficulties raising capital to continue their activity and are closing down. Consequently, thousands of employees find themselves without a job after having been in a position they've always wanted.
The world of high- tech is a dynamic world that constantly changes. There are periods of excess demand for workers in which salaries climb sharply and there are periods in which companies close, large companies fire employees and workers who were in desirable and high positions find themselves out of job. Additionally, there are positions that in certain periods of time are highly sought after and after a period of technological changes, the demand for them decreases or even disappears.
Even juniors, depending on the technological times, may finish their studies in a period of high demand and start working during their studies or straight away when they are done with them. However, there are those who graduate during difficult times when finding a job, in which you have invested in, can be a tough and exhausting task.

Now, let's start from the beginning and review all the tips:

  1. Academic degree
    For those who do not have any experience in the field in which they seek to pursue (such as working in the 8200 or Maram units in the army), academic studies can be very helpful, especially if they've completed a software engineering degree from a recognized institutions in Israel. During the degree you will be able to find student tech jobs, where the salary and conditions will be different for those who have completed a degree at a recognized academic institution. In periods of high demand, even a general degree from a recognized institution with an intensive course can be a great entrance ticket to the hi-tech world. The importance of academic studies is that they provide you with broad general knowledge, develop your thinking, adjust your working habits and serves you with an in-depth introduction to many subjects that without university you might not have known at all.
  2. Initial experience
    Usually most of the materials learned at university are theoretical and even when a course is practical, it's not taught to the fullest with all its important details. Therefore, it is advisable to learn necessary and required languages independently (such as python and nodejs), to find a junior jobs in the high- tech field while studying or to establish an independent project so that once you start working, you can easily pass the exam and integrate into the firm.
  3. Resume/ CV
    Starting from the first step in the process of finding a job your resume is your "business card" that continues to be important if you want to find a new job. It is important that your CV is organized and impressive, contains all the places you have worked at, the positions you have filled, the tools and skills you have acquired which can indicate to the recruiters a clear suitability for the position. Otherwise, the recruiters will scroll through the following resumes and you will miss an opportunity. Writing CV is crucial in making a good impression.
  4. Ability to learn personally and expand skills - self-taught
    Due to the fact that we are discussing the technological high- tech market, every few months a new technology may break out and replace an old technology that will no longer be relevant in a year or two. Therefore, a high level of personal learning ability is required. You are required to constantly sharpen your ax to master the new topics and be able to lead your team or new clients through the transition. You can do this through online learning courses and a lot of hands-on practice in development and testing environments. On top of the the fact that it is important to be at the technological forefront, this may also increase your salary.
  5. Emotional intelligence - ability to work in a team
    ""If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together"- Since we are humans and not machines, most of the activity at work is not only done through a computer but also through interactions with your employees, colleagues, customers, and managers. Therefore, it is important to know how to establish a good relationship with everyone, it is extremely important to know how to cooperate correctly in order to achieve your goals, both your personal and your firm's goals, that in time will lead you to that promotion you want. You shouldn't fight over every small conflict, since that can be an obstacle for you later on and slow down your progress. There are quite a few managers who reached senior positions even though their technical ability was low, all because they knew how to work with others and execute effectively.
  6. Ability to adapt to changes and dynamism "Who moved my cheese"
    there is no point in looking for it. The high- tech market is dynamic so be ready for fast changes both within the company you work for and in the nature and requirements of the job you do.
  7. Independence and ability to execute and lead
    In order to get from being a team member to a team leader and from there to more senior positions, a high execution ability of meeting the goals of time and quality is required. The more independent you are and the less guidance, training and control your need, the more your managers will trust you, give you more challenging tasks and want to promote you more to significant positions with more responsibility and personal leadership ability.
  8. Know yourself and strengthen your relative advantage
    Understand well what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you like to do more and what you like to do less. Look for high-tech jobs that suit you and in which type of organizations you thrive and which less so: Is it in a startup where everything runs fast and is not always organized or rather in a large company where everything is organized and runs more slowly? The faster you understand this and strengthen your relative advantage, the faster you will develop. It's always good to strengthen your weaker sides as well but they probably won't be your bread and butter.
  9. Don't be afraid of fear - take the initiative to make changes
    stagnant water becomes murky. It is always important to have to be aware and attentive in order to identify what works well and what doesn’t. Do you provide the results your company needs? Is your manager happy with you? Are your co-workers happy with you? Is your team doing what it is supposed to do? And according to the answers you get, the necessary adjustments should be made.
  10. Creativity and mental flexibility
    With the development of technology, the most dominant human advantage over machines is creativity, mental flexibility, thinking outside the box and finding new and better solutions that have yet to be discovered. This is true not only for the technological world but also for the world of marketing and sales. This is what quite often differentiates a very successful company from a struggling company and the same goes for humans. Do not be fixated, it can start with embracing the opportunities that Student Tech jobs, Junior tech jobs, and Writing CV can provide.

On a general and final note to all those who do not come from the high- tech world and those who do come from it:
Save for a rainy day - The chances are that you will find yourself out of the game at least once. This can happen both because you didn't like the position, the company or the manager, and due to cuts. Since you have earned well over the years, now is the time to save so that you don't feel pressure during this period and that you will know how to get on the right horse again (and not on the wrong horse due to the pressure). Remember these tips when preparing your Student Tech jobs or Junior tech jobs CV.