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The point where experts
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EXPOINT provides a wide range of jobs in high end companies, according to market requirements in the fields of: software development, information and cyber security, BI and Big Data, software testing and automation, project management, offshore consulting, and more. We help candidates connect with well-known companies, and provide opportunities for them to develop successful careers based on their professional skills.

Expoint - Thousands of jobs from the top companies worldwide.


A huge variety of job positions

Here at EXPOINT, employers from successful companies and job seekers connect daily through a variety of interesting and challenging job positions.

Candidate management platform

Our professional knowledge of the recruitment industry, combined with leading technology, allowed us to build a candidate management platform where the candidates' skills can be classified, sorted, and adapted for the employer’s requirements.

High level experience

EXPOINT differs in that it offers a wide range of potential senior level employees with high level experience.
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Despite the fact that working in the high-tech world is prestigious and attractive, and it is a field that is expanding every day, it is still not that easy to find a job. It is also a complicated task for companies to find suitable employees for their needs.

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