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Microsoft Business Support 
United States, Washington 


Required Qualifications

  • 7+ years Administrative, Business Support, or customer service experience in an environment with an emphasis on scheduling meetings/events, travel management, and administration work for executive/upper-level management.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field (e.g., Business Administration, Human Resources [HR], Marketing, Communications, Psychology, Sociology)
  • OR equivalent experience.
  • 4+ years’ experience serving as mentor or direct/indirect (e.g., team leader) supervisor to others.
  • 4+ years’ experience in an Entertainment or Creative organization.
  • 5+ years’ experience reviewing and managing administrative budgets (e.g., for events, morale, travel, training).

Business Support ATR-E - The typical base pay range for this role across the U.S. is USD $31.15 - $62.55 per hour. There is a different range applicable to specific work locations, within the San Francisco Bay area and New York City metropolitan area, and the base pay range for this role in those locations is USD $41.54 - $68.61 per hour.Certain roles may be eligible for benefits and other compensation. Find additional benefits and pay information here:Microsoft will accept applications for the role until May 15, 2024.

  • Calendar Management

Provides strategic calendar management and time planning support for manager(s) (e.g., Senior Corporate Vice President [CVP], Executive Vice President [EVP]). Manages and owns calendar, meeting preparation, and logistics based on knowledge of manager and business needs. Uses executive and independent judgment with full knowledge of business context to identify and coordinate delegates, execute decisions around prioritization and maintain constant communication with manager and central staff. Leads and owns decision making processes in close partnership with peers and stakeholders (e.g., Chiefs of Staff, Business Managers, Human Resources) and external leaders/business support. Exercises a sense of priority and awareness for high impact meetings, and urgent business needs, and ensures follow-up. Proactively engages with leader and key stakeholders/business partners (e.g., Communications Team, Chiefs of Staff, Business Managers, Human Resources) to make decisions and cascade information as needed.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration and Communication

Proactively drives communication and liaises between executives, central teams, and other business partners to share information and best practices that drive efficiency. Uses executive and independent judgment, discretion, business insights, and perspectives to direct and prepare staff to distribute information to their teams and/or supported leader. Communicates with external partners/audiences and third parties. Represents and acts as extension of manager's/team's brand and Microsoft's core values.

  • Discipline Growth and Development

Provides leadership and actively seeks out and participates in the Business Support community. Mentors Business Support professionals. Onboards and trains new Business Support staff. Engages in career development and trainings. Identifies, aligns, and promotes growth opportunities for self and team. Shares best practices and insights. Driving the recruiting process for Business Support roles. Supports team building, networking opportunities, and works to uphold morale.

  • Event Coordination and Logistics

Provides strategic oversight into event vision and outcomes, while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Manages overall events, including promotion and goals, communication strategies and allocating resources to ensure best outcome. Develops workback schedule, promotion, and necessary checkpoints. Provides high-level guidance to address complex issues with meeting/event preparation and ensures problems are mitigated. Ensures remote teams are aware of events for consistency of experience regionally. Advises on post-event close out (e.g., tracking event results/attendance, distributing post-meeting materials), and provides direction to team members.

Leads by example by demonstrating presence, encouraging others to raise their own standards ofachievement, and setting a foundation for success. Assesses and adapts to changing situations and maintains professional composure. Proactively seeks feedback on performance, invests in training leadership opportunities, and maintains self-awareness.

  • Resource Management (Hardware/Supply Management, Purchase/Expense Management Financial Management)

Owns expense management for the executive office. Educates administrative team on Microsoft policy to ensure compliancy across team/division/organization and escalates issues as needed. Manages, influences, and communicates processes, policies, and procedures, leveraging understanding of the parts of the business and their inter-connection within Microsoft as a whole. Functions as interim approver for executive office. Partners with finance at a high level on all aspects of budgets, headcount and policies, including assisting with annual budget planning by consolidating team requests and prioritizing funding.

  • Rhythm of Business (ROB)

Collaborates on continual implementation and flexibility of the rhythm of business (ROB) in partnership with executive leader(s) and Chief of Staff, including fiscal-year calendar and executive meeting schedule (e.g., Human Resource [HR] cadence, fiscal cadence, Senior Leadership Team cadence, company-wide and/or employee resource group cadence). Prepares team for ROB cadence and helps to manage workloads across multiple ROBs/orchestration across multiple ROBs. Advises on best practices for developing a distribution plan for confidential internal and external communications in collaboration with Business Managers and/or Chief of Staff. Ensures team members follow ROB and map their planning to established cadences.

  • Space Management and Planning

Partners with the appropriate teams (e.g., Real Estate & Facilities, space planner owners, upper management) when complex space issues are escalated to the executive office. Manages executive office space, including design and technology needs.

  • Travel Management
  • Embody our