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Jan 2022
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5 Mistakes to avoid when creating a CV


5 Mistakes to avoid in resume writing

There are quite a few mistakes that people make when writing their resumes, since no one has ever bothered to teach them how to do it right. These mistakes can cost you the dream job, since often suitable candidates despite all the professional experience, are not ready for interviews, due to small and seemingly insignificant mistakes. 

At Expoint we are able to help and advise you on how to write your resume, in order to get accepted to the job that is most suitable for you. We help candidates land jobs within the leading companies in the market, in the field of software development, external consultants, Big Data and more.


What is crucial to avoid when writing a resume?


1. Spelling and punctuation mistakes. 


Although this is a seemingly trivial matter, quite a few recruiters rule out a certificate. Often, recruiters refer to misspellings or incorrect scoring as an indicator of the character traits of the time. Scoring errors can refer to negligence and contempt, lack of attention to small details and personal level. It's therefore important to go over your resume and even ask another person to go through it, to avoid mistakes.


2. Lack of focus. 


Many people tend to send the same resume file to all types of jobs, without any reference to the specific requirements of the job requested. This is a serious mistake, which could prevent you from getting a job interview and moving forward in the process. It is important to tailor your resume to the type of job you are looking for, as each job has specific emphases and requirements. It is worth emphasising the required requirements, in order to make it easier for the recruiter to notice you from among the other resumes placed in a pile on his desk.


3. Amateur translation. 


Many high-tech jobs require a resume in English, so it is important to send your resume to a professional translator who specializes in the field. Anyone who chooses to translate their resume in an amateurish way may find that no one bothers to go back to it. Verbal translation may seem less serious and less professional, which creates a less quality first impression. Google translation, for example, can lead to embarrassing mistakes that should be avoided in advance.


4. Disorder and structure. 


It is important to remember that every recruiter has to deal with a huge amount of resumes, so it is important to maintain order and structure in your resume. By using appropriate keywords and keeping paragraphs short and to the point, you can skip to the list of most suitable candidates for the job, without any special effort on your part. The keywords must of course match the nature of the job and its requirements, since often the initial filtering is done in a computerized way, so it is important to pay attention to this.


5. Short and sweet. 


Make sure your resume is focused and clear and note that they do not slide into more than one page.



We are happy to help you with any queries when creating your CV. Use our CV Builder tool to help you create the best professional resume. 


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