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Nov 2021
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Freelancing - unlimited opportunities and challenges

Freelancing - unlimited opportunities

A classic workday of a regular employee starts at 9 am. A typical worker commutes to the office, gets work done, and commutes back home. It is a routine, which works for many people worldwide, but is it the most efficient arrangement, and what other options are available?

Over the last few years due to the pandemic, many companies globally have taken a new approach in business. Top companies worldwide have restructured their offices, making employees work from home, or went fully remote altogether. Technology has had a great effect on traditional work setup. It is prognoresed that the number of self-employed professionals will grow up to 40% by the end of the decade.

Employers have gained the ability to hire freelancers from any place on the globe, giving an opportunity to talented individuals who may not have the access to work locally. Top Tech companies worldwide are actively hiring freelancers right now.

The benefits for the company are equally great, saving on office space, more workforce can be outsourced, making the business grow and evolve much faster. Diversity within a team is also very valuable for any firm, it often leads to a better productivity and engagement within the company.


So what is freelancing and what are the perks of working for yourself?

Freelancing has given a chance to millions of people worldwide to work independently on a variety of exciting projects, and help others reach new levels of success.

  1. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of freelancing, starting with the pros. Liberating schedule - flexible hours ( ability to build your own schedule, go on holidays whenever suits you)
  2. Project variety ( take on a project anywhere geographically)
  3. Work & life balance (more time to dedicate to your family, your health, hobbies, and more)
  4. Freedom of choice (you are your own boss, and you are treated differently from an employee)
  5. Choice of location (you may be located anywhere globally, pick a sunny destination, or even a few, and work from a place you always loved)


Of course, every opportunity comes with its own challenges, and so does freelancing.

  1. Freelancing requires sophisticated time management ( sometimes projects overlap, the stress level may be too high to handle, keeping the deadlines can be difficult).
  2. Project hunting can be exhausting ( looking for new clients can take time and lots of energy, going through thousands of vacancies on various job boards, company websites, and social media groups).
  3. Paperwork. From official agreements, copyrights, non-disclosure agreements, and other documents- it is all your own responsibility to have all in order)
  4. Client management. Clients can be very demanding, meetings online may not be the most productive.
  5. Lack of security and consistency. Some people prefer a social security package that comes with employment to the risk one takes with going freelance. While the benefits of employment are great, the liberty of freelancing is always tempting and proves to give a better quality of life.


Nowadays, freelancing doesn’t always have to include all the cons.

Introducing Expoint, a job search website, where professionals & world top companies meet.
With Expoint, a job seeker is able to state his status as a “freelancer”, making it visible to the potential employers, hiring freelancers. It is a quick and efficient way to filter the candidates, making Expoint one of the most advanced platforms on the market today.

Not only is Expoint able to pick the perfect candidate profile for the job, it is also equipped with a sophisticated CV Builder, to help you showcase your work and experience in the most professional way.


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