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HP Distribution Business Manager - Africa Central East Nigeria, Lagos State

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Serves as the expert to the partner for complex information regarding product, services, and software transitions, promotions, and configurations. Educates and updates partners on new HP technologies or solutions. May...
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Citi Group Market Risk Manager VP/AVP Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

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Working with each trading desk to ensure that all relevant market risk factors are properly identified and formally captured in official risk systems. Working with senior risk managers in Volcker...
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Cisco Manager Africa Government Affairs Nigeria, Lagos State

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Building relationships with key leaders, elected officials, and policymakers at all levels of government. Advancing public policies that bolster ICT adoption and enable Cisco’s mission to power an inclusive future...
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SAP Senior Sales Executive Nigeria, Lagos State

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Drive sales and exceed targets within the assigned territories - Nigeria and Ghana, primarily for our oil and gas and/or public sector clients. Maintain and strengthen relationships with our installed...
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