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Secure Snowflake using best practices, ensuring knowledge transfer so that customers are appropriately enabled and can extend the capabilities of Snowflake security on their own. Work hands-on with customers to...
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Today's Chief Technical Officer (CTO) must do more than keep their companies' technical operations running smoothly - they must also assess the business potential of new and disruptive technologies, drive initiatives that maximize technological resources, and build lasting relationships with the team. As Chief Technical Officer of a company, you are an information technology leader, responsible for the design and implementation of a company’s technology and digital systems and drives the company’s innovation. You must also create long-term technology strategies and evaluate the capabilities of current systems and create development plans to roll out innovative projects. You're also in charge of providing technical guidance to executive leadership, operational teams, and other organizational departments. You will also have a team of engineers and managers to manage, developing career plans and hiring the best talent. Your role in the company is mainly strategic, and you must be familiar with the latest trends and technologies to identify the best practice for the company’s technical needs. There will be a lot of strategy planning and communications about technology-related policies and procedures with the whole company. Being a CTO requires technical, analysis, and problem solving skills, as well as a deep understanding of the technology and digital industry. You have to have the ability to understand complex technology and be able to explain it in terms that everyone else in the organization can understand. You must possess excellent communication, collaboration and presentation skills to work effectively with all levels of management, both in and outside the company. You must be a leader, mentor and a team player in order to be successful. If you are interested in this position and want to learn more, then you should make your way to Expoint, the premier online job platform for technology industry professionals.