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HP Research Chemist Associate United States, California, Palo Alto

Limitless High-tech career opportunities - Expoint
Participate in researching and developing voxel-scale control of material properties during 3D printing. Developing and optimizing inks for creating modified multi-material properties during 3D printing. Contribute as a team member...
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Honeywell Sr Advanced RD Engineer Organic Chemist United States

Limitless High-tech career opportunities - Expoint
Work in a team of synthetic chemists to generate novel molecules and/or compositions for new applications. Closely collaborate with the Physical Properties, Modeling and Applications teams to characterize new molecule...
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A Chemist employed by Expoint will work to develop new technologies and products for the tech industry. Working on the cutting edge of technological advancement, the Chemist will utilize their technical knowledge to conduct research and experiments in a laboratory setting. Expoint Chemists specialize in using the principles of chemical engineering to design and manufacture products such as sensors and semiconductors. These experts are involved in rewriting the rules of technology by developing innovative products that will have a disruptive impact on the marketplace. Colleagues of the Expoint Chemist value their deep knowledge and understanding of chemistry while also appreciating their ability to communicate effectively and explain their design concepts to others. The Chemist must be able to envision the feasibility of novel concepts and explore the possibilities of a wide variety of materials and reactants. The Chemist should have excellent problem-solving and research skills, as well as a keen eye for detailed analysis and observation. This individual must be able to think critically, connecting ideas and events in an environment full of changing conditions. High levels of accuracy, precision and safety are also important when designing, creating and testing products in the lab. With precise and diligent experimentation, the Expoint Chemist will create safe and high-quality solutions for the advancing tech industry. This position emphasizes accuracy, mathematical coding, precise application of chemicals and multi-tasking abilities. Successful candidates must possess the knowledge, skills and access necessary to create cutting-edge products quickly and efficiently.