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, tech industry As a biostatistician working in the high tech industry, I'm excited to take advantage of the cutting edge tools and capabilities available today. These opportunities allow biostatisticians to make an impact with technology across the globe. Come join me and search for biostatistician jobs in the tech industry on Expoint.
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Incyte Senior Principal Biostatistician Associate Director Biostati... United States, Delaware, Wilmington

Biostatisticians are experts in statistics and data analysis who play an integral role in the healthcare and life science industries. They leverage their extensive knowledge in mathematics and data science to analyze, interpret and transform complex datasets into meaningful insights for further research. A biostatistician working with Expoint’s tech solutions will be responsible for managing, designing and interpreting the statistical solutions used in order to obtain meaning through data. Their tasks include evaluating data quality of research, performing data analysis and constructing complex data models to make reliable results. Biostatisticians with Expoint will be expected to have experience in research design, programming and software development, as well as exceptional quantitative and problem solving skills. A biostatistician’s role also entails liaising with important stakeholders to understand the research’s objectives and developing suitable data solutions in order to deliver effective results. Successful biostatisticians with Expoint must be able to accurately analyze and explain data in easy-to-understand terms to the team, as well as providing advice and guidance to ensure that each data project is running on track. They must also stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the industry, as well as demonstrate resourcefulness, critical thinking and analysis. To sum it up, biostatisticians with Expoint will be responsible for turning mountains of data into meaningful insights and providing solutions that benefit the health, science, and technology field.