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Honeywell Proposal Estimation Engineer - HBT Airports - UAE Nationals Oman

Limitless High-tech career opportunities - Expoint
Support for preparing end to end solution development and estimation. Analyze the customer requirements, identify viable solutions options, select the right solution which is fully compliant and will provide a...
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EY Senior Associate - Tax Global Compliance Reporting Muscat Na... Oman, Muscat

Limitless High-tech career opportunities - Expoint
A bachelor's degree with strong academic credentials in accounting, business, finance, taxation or any related essential fields. Preferably an MBA, Masters or another related advanced degree and/or professional qualifications e.g....
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Oman has seen an exponential growth in its tech industry in the past few years. Expoint, a job searching platform made solely for the tech industry, is the perfect place to look for work. There are a variety of types of jobs available for tech professionals in Oman. From commercial Web developers and data analysts to software engineers and information technology directors, Oman provides ample opportunity to those who are looking for tech-focused roles. There is even a growing demand for IT professionals in Oman’s aviation, manufacturing, and medical industries. Additionally, recent growth has created demand for tech professionals in the hospitality and tourism fields. The country has also made significant investments into upskilling their labour force. Opportunities for tech professionals in Oman exist in both the private and public sector. For those with the qualifications and skills, there are open positions in the offices of technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Additionally, promising prospects exist in Oman’s growing field of digital innovation. Oman is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. It has a thriving, modern economy focused on free trade and exports. For tech professionals, there are many opportunities to work in the tech industry in a country full of culture and rich in tradition. With the tools and support provided on Expoint, it has never been easier to find a job in the tech industry in Oman!