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Penetration Tester jobs in Australia

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Rapid7 Senior Penetration Tester Internal InfoSec Team Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

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Perform manual penetration tests of network services, network infrastructure, IoT devices, and software. Design and deliver red team exercises (setting up C2 servers, EDR evasion, deploying and operating out of...
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EY Manager - Penetration Testing Technology Consulting Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

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Our Advanced Security Centre Managers help lead the Offensive Security practice, building exceptional careers for our team and solving our clients’ biggest challenges. Work with Tier-1 clients within Financial Services...
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A penetration tester is a highly sought after role within the tech industry in Australia. Penetration testers are responsible for assessing the security posture of a company's networks, systems, and applications. This includes identifying potential vulnerabilities and recommending ways to effectively plug any security holes. The role of a penetration tester is to think like an attacker and emulate malicious attacks to identify weaknesses and exposures in a company’s security systems. As a penetration tester your job is to simulate exploits so the organization can identify and respond to potential threats quickly and effectively. In Australia, the ability to deliver comprehensive penetration testing solutions across the country is critical in today’s data-driven world. Knowing how to apply testing strategies, methodologies and technology trends in the delivery of individual penetration tests is essential. Therefore, the skills of a penetration tester must be wide ranging and include a mix of technical expertise and security knowledge. At Expoint, we are building a platform solely for the tech industry and recognizing the important role that penetration testers play in helping organizations protect themselves against threats. For this reason, we offer a wide range of opportunities for penetration testers in Australia. As a penetration tester, you will be challenged to test new technologies, create detailed reports to recommend technical improvements and collaborate with other technical professionals. Through Expoint, you’ll gain access to the best permanent and contract jobs available in the tech industry in Australia. If you’re looking for a rewarding penetration tester role in Australia, Expoint is the platform you’ve been looking for. With our job seeking platform tailored to the tech industry, we’ll help you find the perfect role for you.