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If you're looking for a career in high tech and cybersecurity, cybereason is the perfect place to find exciting roles to fit your skills. From working with cutting-edge security technologies to identifying and responding to threats, cybereason offers a dynamic and diverse set of job opportunities. Search for TECH jobs now on Expoint—your go-to source for the tech industry!
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Cybereason Senior Product Manager XDR United States, Oregon

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Manage the life cycle of the XDR offering from strategic planning to tactical activities. Ensure alignment with XDR Product Strategy. Define the business problems to solve and gather data to...
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Are you looking for a place to grow in the tech industry and feel fulfilled in your work every day? Look no further than Cyberreason, one of the most innovative and forward-thinking players in the game. We prioritize a constantly evolving atmosphere of collaboration and innovation and offer a wide range of opportunities, allowing each team member to thrive. At Cyberreason, employees have access to the most cutting-edge technology and solutions to help them stay ahead of the competition. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and powerful analytics help us stay one step ahead of our adversaries, giving us a head start every time. We value team work and agility, which is why we offer tons of flexible work arrangements and an open-minded environment. Our goal is to create an inspiring space where everyone can reach their championship level. Also, thanks to our enthusiastic and talented workforce, we always strive to stay ahead of the competition and go the extra mile. We always make sure our employees are empowered to do their best. With career growth options, rewards and recognition programs and tons of free perks and benefits, you can be sure that you'll find a perfect career fit with us at Cyberreason. As a global leader in cyber protection, we believe we can make the world a safer, better place with the help of all of our brilliant minds, so join us today and see where you can take your career!