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Citi Group Cloud Threat Modeler VP C13 United States, Texas, Houston

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Threat Modeling using a documented process. Development of automation tools as required. Maintain a high standard of work in identifying threats and specifying mitigating controls. Attending to the lifecycle of...
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SAP SAP NS2 Senior Data Modeler Consultant-TS/SCI + poly-MD-2070... United States, Virginia

Limitless High-tech career opportunities - Expoint
Design, implement, and document data architecture and data modeling solution, which include the use of relational, dimensional, and NoSQL databases. These solutions support enterprise information management, business intelligence, machine learning,...
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The job of a Modeler, in the technology industry, is an attractive and interesting position for those whose creativity and technical expertise are intertwined. The successful Modeler is able to recognize trends, be organized, and leverage data to create visually stunning and accurate models. A Modeler must also be able to proficiently use modeling tools and software to accurately produce successful results. At Expoint, Modelers have the opportunity to use their skills in a wide variety of fields, including computer programming, systems engineering, or software development, which provide additional challenges and growth opportunities. Strong communication and problem-solving skills are essential when collaborating with engineers, analysts, and stakeholders. The Modeler is a key figure in the successful completion of projects. He or she is responsible for developing digital models that accurately represent real-world items or scenarios and helping to provide real-time, data-driven analysis. Modelers also identify potential optimization opportunities and provide creative solutions to problems in a developing industry. For the Modeler, this role provides an opportunity to be part of an innovative, cutting-edge technology industry while using their skills and knowledge to design bespoke solutions that have direct, tangible outcomes. Utilizing their unique experience and skills, Modelers offer a unique perspective within the Tech sector.