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Expoint System

Easy registration, company set-up & verification

Ability to create and separate Departments within the company

Grant different permissions to users

Full System access for the entire company, to maximise the success of the hiring process

Transparency of recruitment processes

Secure payments

Innovative design and ease of use on desktop & mobile


Centralised database for candidates management

Smart algorithm to find a perfect candidate for each job posting

Automatic Import of resumes from external sources

Use of Expoint Public Candidate Database (by license)

Find & view CVs in just a few clicks, by filtering by location, job title and years of experience, keywords, save & share your favourites

Easy management of the candidate recruitment process by the relevant bodies within an organisation.

Post jobs

Choose a plan that suits your company needs best

Create & edit jobs with easy to use system, even on your mobile

Promote your job posting to stand out among your competitors

Share job postings on your social media channels or via email

Edit, share or promote your job posts at any time. Do it on the go on mobile or at your desktop.
Find the perfect fit for the job

Our advanced system will match the perfect candidate to the job opening.
Only quality applicants, filtered by the requirements you set.


Browse, sort & save candidates’ resume on Expoint, automatically import or upload from external sources.

Be in the spotlight

Stand out among the competitors.
Promote your job to get more visibility.

Pre-application candidate filter

Set the most essential requirements for the job and only view the candidates who pass.

Hiring with expoint
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Recruitment of candidates for high-tech jobs Expoint
Recruitment of candidates for high-tech jobs
Recruiting job applicants has always been considered a process that requires a lot of investment and resources from the company's human resources department. Publishing job ads, going through resumes, screening candidates, coordinating job interviews and con...
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How to post jobs on Expoint Expoint
How to post jobs on Expoint
Post a newly opened vacancy within your company, discover the candidates in our database and hire the most suitable professionals, all within Expoint. Filter potential candidates by location, age and years of experience. View, save, share and import resumes w...
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How to Manage Your Jobs on Expoint Expoint
How to Manage Your Jobs on Expoint
With Expoint, you can easily manage your job posts from anywhere, even on your mobile device on the go. We’ve created a system that enables the user to manage all the jobs in one place with customers in mind. Convenient Department sectioning, helps keeping a ...
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How to manage candidates on Expoint Expoint
How to manage candidates on Expoint
Manage your candidates with ease at Expoint Employer’s Hub. Our easy to navigate menu lets you access your candidates in one click thanks to the easy to navigate menu and functions developed by Expoint. Create Departments, add Users and assign different roles ...
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Expoint licensing Expoint
Expoint licensing
Welcome to Expoint, the premier job posting platform exclusively for the high tech industry. Our mission is to connect top tech companies with the most talented professionals in the field. At Expoint, we pride ourselves on providing unique features that set u...
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Create Users within Expoint’s Employer’s Hub system Expoint
Create Users within Expoint’s Employer’s Hub system
Each company’s user added to Expoint is given different privileges within the system. There are 6 different roles you may choose from, to assign to each user. To help you understand what’s the difference between each role, please refer to the table below.  R...
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Create a New Department  Expoint
Create a New Department 
With Expoint, all companies have the possibility to create various Departments and give different role privileges to each user. Each Department must have an Administrator who is granted access to all of the system sections, may create departments, users, post...
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Create Company Profile on Expoint Expoint
Create Company Profile on Expoint
Expoint has an innovative system for companies to hire quality candidates in various industries. Open candidates database gives full access to organizations with license, maximizing the chances of finding the right fit for the job in a fast, secure and effici...
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The most talent in every field
EXPOINT specializes in unique professions, and quality filtering of jobs and resumes, that allow both companies and job seekers immediate access to suitable candidates and positions.
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