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Dec 2021
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How to Manage Your Jobs on Expoint

Manage Jobs | Expoint Employer's Hub


With Expoint, you can easily manage your job posts from anywhere, even on your mobile device on the go. We’ve created a system that enables the user to manage all the jobs in one place with customers in mind. Convenient Department sectioning, helps keeping a track on each role and job offerings, while granting various permissions to employees within the organization in order to maximize the success of the hiring process. When a new job is saved and published, it can be found in the "Jobs" section on the left side panel.



You may also:

  • search posted job by filtering by (job title, department, date and status
  • unpublish a job
  • edit a posting
  • share via email and on social media channels
  • promote a job
  • delete a job


Find out how to post a job with Expoint.


Read more on User Roles and Departments






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