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Dec 2021
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How to post jobs on Expoint

Post Jobs | Expoint Employer's Hub


Post a newly opened vacancy within your company, discover the candidates in our database and hire the most suitable professionals, all within Expoint. Filter potential candidates by location, age and years of experience. View, save, share and import resumes with just a few clicks.


Steps to follow when posting a job on Expoint:

  • Complete the registration process of your company via Employer’s Hub. Make sure to enter all the information about your organization and choose the license, most suitable for your business’s needs.
  • Log in to the employer’s hub system 
  • On the side menu panel on the left side, click Post Job

  • You will be presented with a "post a job" screen, where you can enter all the details about the vacancy, including job title, location, type of employment, salary and any other information
  • You may then save & publish the posting
  • The job post will be published for 30 days and can be renewed automatically if you choose that option
  • Once published, the job posting will be located in the "Jobs" section of the side menu, where you can view, search, filter by job title, department & status. 
  • You may also edit any of the job postings in this section.


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