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Dec 2021
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Expoint Employer's Hub | Create company profile

Create Company Profile on Expoint

Expoint has an innovative system for companies to hire quality candidates in various industries. Open candidates database gives full access to organizations with license, maximizing the chances of finding the right fit for the job in a fast, secure and efficient manner. Follow the easy Expoint on-boarding process, create job postings, and start hiring top industry candidates carefully selected by our smart algorithm to help your business grow today. 


Steps to register with Expoint Employer’s Hub:

  • Click on the post a job & set your account by filling in your company’s & your individual  details, including name, location, contact details and role within the company

  • Once finished, you will receive an email to confirm your details 
  • Log in into your Company’s account by clicking on on Log In button via Employer’s hub, 


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