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Apple Modem Functional Test Intern 
Germany, Munich 

Key Qualifications
  • Programming experience, in particular using Python
  • Good understanding of cellular technologies
  • Good communication skills in both written and spoken English
Project: “Robust MST automation validation”:This project will deliver the “Six Sigma” of MST automation test campaigns: Analysis of every step of setting up an automation campaign for test equipment / test setup and device from a reliability and efficiency point of viewDesign multiple fall back methods for each of the critical steps. Identify and implement recovery mechanics for automation jobs from any state. Some hit-list examples: Re-boot / re-install bots. Re-install SW from known state, handle imaging from different UE states, move back to previous known UE SW and then again forward.Result: A toolkit for fault detection and recovery that gives much more reliable / fault tolerant automation runs for MST (and beyond)
Education & Experience
MS student in Electrical Engineering, Wireless Communications or equivalent
Additional Requirements
  • -- Keen interest in cellular communications
  • -- Knowledge of 4G/5G technology and interest to further it
  • -- Interest in SW Modem Verification Testing
  • -- Good programming experience, including troubleshooting - Python
  • -- Debugging of automation code and enhancements