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Nvidia PhD Research Intern AI Gaming - Summer 
United States, Texas 


NVIDIA is hiring a highly-skilled researcher in AI for gaming to join our research team. You will be conducting original research for AI for gaming, including modeling human gaming performance and behavior, perception of gaming scenes, or general intelligence that can play a wide breadth of game genres or titles. You will be building research prototypes and scaling them with large datasets and compute. After building prototypes that demonstrate the promise of your research, you will work with product teams to help them integrate your ideas into products. You will summarize your research findings in extremely high-quality scientific publications.

What you'll be doing:

  • Define your research, design and implement cutting-edge machine learning techniques.

  • Publish your original research and present at top-tier conferences and events.

  • Collaborate with other research team members, a diverse set of internal product teams, and external researchers.

  • Have a broader impact through transfer and/or open-source of the technology you've developed to relevant product groups.

What we need to see:

  • Currently enrolled in a PhD degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or a related field. Strong knowledge of machine learning theory and gaming with enough depth and breadth.

  • A strong research record with publications in top machine-learning or gaming conferences.

  • Excellent programming skills in Python and familiarity with deep learning libraries and workflows.

  • Strong communication skills and ability to convey research ideas to a broad audience.

  • Knowledge and experience in managing large datasets is a strong plus.

  • Experience with multi-node, multi-GPU training is a strong plus.

  • Knowledge of human behavior and passion toward gaming are strong pluses.

You will also be eligible for Intern