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Tesla Facilities Civil/Structural/Architectural CSA 
United States, California, Fremont 

What to Expect

The Facilities Engineering team is seeking aQuality Control Specialist for Civil, Structural, and Architectural installationsacross multiple projects in the Bay Area to drive the quality of all workinstalled to the highest standards. In this role, you will utilize yourextensive experience in Civil, Structural and Architectural code and industrybest practices to ensure every project is completed without defects and canmeet the intent of the design. You will be working directly with the skilledtrades, construction managers, engineers, and designers to train and mentorthem in the standards, details, inspections, and tests required to constructand start-up a high-quality, reliable building.

What You’ll Do

· DriveQuality Control plan development and implementation across all jobsites andcontractors, as well as within the Tesla Self Perform team. Understand safemethods of installation, inspection, and testing, and clearly communicate thatinformation to the design engineers and installing contractors throughout theproject while immediately addressing any ongoing safety issues observed on thejobsite

· Executespecific inspections on materials, equipment, and installation activities onsites you are responsible for at intervals and milestones that reduce thepossibility of defective or substandard materials or work being installed

· Schedule,document, and lead Pre-Mobilization meetings with every new contractor on eachproject to facilitate the communication of expectations that Tesla has for thatspecific project or phase

· EnsureQuality Control inspections are performed by adequately trained and qualifiedpersonnel. Conduct regular assessments of contractor and 3rd Party inspectionsfor compliance with the contract plans and specifications, to ensurecompetency, and identify training and/or coaching needs

· Providetraining of personnel to ensure awareness of quality procedures and specificresponsibilities they have in the executing the Quality Control Plan forproject scopes

· Performconstruction completion inspection checks and document findings in a platformthat is accessible to all participants in the project

· Workwith Engineers and Contractors to develop and implement testing standards andmethods that provide efficient confirmation of system integrity with the lowestimpact possible to ongoing operations and construction

· Assistand coordinate final handover documentation (QC documents, test reports,inspection reports, etc.). Drive completion of construction punchlist anddeficiency items through clear documentation and follow-up with personresponsible for correcting the issue

· Workwith construction team and AHJ to facilitate inspections and close permits. Reviewsof design progress drawings, shop drawings and submittals

· Manufacturingequipment site visits to review construction of equipment and coordinateutility connections/designs

What You’ll Bring

· Minimum 5+ years’ experience in construction qualitycontrol & quality assurance (QA/QC) programs OR equivalent qualityassurance experience working directly for a related trade installingcontractor.

· Knowledge of relevant Codes and Standards (IBC, NFPA,etc.)

· Experience in civil, structural, building envelope, andtypical underground utilities.

· Complete understanding and familiarity withmaterial/equipment selection and methods of installation for mostarchitectural, structural, and civil scopes of work, including but not limitedto:

· Excavations, concrete, structural steel, fire ratedpartitions and penetrations, doors & hardware, floor finishes, wallfinishes, signage, and millwork.

· Ability to research building codes and interpret therequirements against installed products and methods.

· Knowledge of welding and welding processes (CWI is a plusbut not required).

· Strong computer skills and a familiarity with MicrosoftOffice Suite

· Experience in a wide range of project types: officebuildings, industrial construction, mission critical/data centers, hightech/R&D, bio-tech/pharmaceutical, or battery manufacturing.

· Capable of managing multiple complex projectssimultaneously.